Residencies can take place at a school, staff development, nursing home, homeless shelter, after school program, home-school program, fair, party, summer program, corporate enrichment, or wherever people are interested in working creatively together. All ages are welcome.

We blend the colors needed with a drum carder, and we hand weave or needle felt tapestries using the dyed fleece. Through observation and conversation, the group creates a common picture. Over the course of the residency, the picture evolves. There is ample room for both individual initiated work and group work. The individual finds his/her relationship to the group, and the group learns to work together. The residency culminates with an assembly where the participants share the story of how the pieces were created.

All of our wool comes from Harrisville Designs in Harrisville, New Hampshire.

Residency programs typically run for a week to two weeks. The price is $300 per day plus the cost of materials, lodging (typically housed by someone in the community), meals and mileage.

We are happy to provide references and answer any questions on request.

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